Wednesday, 24 December 2008

3 months and counting

It's been more than a month since I've written on here, how I've neglected my poor blog.. I haven't written because I feel not much has changed, I feel I'm not having many "what's that?" moments and because I've been waiting till I felt positive to write on here. Even though I feel the above, things have changed, it has improved and I'm now probably hearing about the same as I was before with two hearing aids. I have been spending a lot of time wearing my H.A together with the C.I in really noisy situations (such as the pub, or a party - there's been lots of those in the lead up to Christmas!) and this helps to keep me sane because I just cannot manage in noisy situations with only my C.I. Music through the C.I has really improved, there's more melody as opposed to when I could just hear the voice of the singer, the beat of the drums and another instrument. It's still better with the hearing aid but it's always changing and I can't keep up with it!

I can hear the birds when I walk out to my car in the morning and I could never hear high pitched birds before, I could only hear the 'coo,coo' sound of pigeons.. Now I'm hearing lots of different birds - my only problem is locating where they are! I turn to the direction I think they're in and they're not there, so I turn to the opposite direction and they're still not there! Half the time I think they're hiding in the bushes to torment me as if to say "we're here but we're not showing you where we are!!"

I still can't really hear my car engine but there is a huge difference between the amplified sound of the car engine I get through my H.A and the quietness I get through my C.I. It's SO noisy through my H.A! So when I'm in the car I'm quite happy to turn my H.A off and have some peace and quiet..

My rehab sessions at the hospital finished about 3-4 weeks ago although I had one last week which was interesting as I hadn't been for what felt like a long time so I was interested to see what the results would be considering I hadn't done any concentrated listening for some time. It took a while for my brain to get into listening mode but once it did, I got some really good results. I can hear most of a sentence in the environment of the soundproofed room and the rehabilitationist read two paragraphs about the country of Bali to me. I picked up two-three important words in a sentence which gave me the gist of the sentence and I was pleased to understand most of what she was saying. Translate this into the real world however, with background noise such as the tv and it doesn't quite work the same way! My boyfriend's voice is still the hardest to listen to, but that's because I don't see him very often and so don't get much opportunity to get used to his deep voice. Everyone else sounds 'normal' though and there's no computerised sound to their voices anymore - I'm pleased to say!

I have my 4 month programming on the 13th January and I can't wait to see how much it changes after this..